Corinne Jarvis
Corinne Jarvis

    Corinne designed the Earth bead for Trollbeads more than 10 years ago. Today she is a mother and Speech Language Pathologist. She is self taught and has never had a lesson making beads. All of Corinne's beads reflect her love for nature and the natural world.

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    One of Corinne's main goals in life is to be able to help children. She is a native of Vermont, living in Oregon, where she, with her husband Shaun Jarvis, started Wildcats Glassworks.

    "The Earth bead is part of my Wildearth series which is a reflection of many different experiences and represents a view of how wild and beautiful the earth is. With each ripping tide, shallow tide pool, or coral reef these beads evoke a sense of water and life."


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